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Environment and Sustainability

Due to the nature of our construction projects we work hard to understand the effect we have not just on the local environment, such as the flora and fauna, but the contribution we make on a global scale. We know that any action a business takes can have far reaching consequences so we have put policies and procedures in place to minimise any adverse environmental impact, not just because it is law, but because we take our Social Responsibility very seriously.

Vallum Projects complies with all environmental legal requirements and is committed to improve the way we:

  • establish a sustainable approach in our purchases as well as reducing our consumption of non-renewable resources without affecting the quality of our work.
  • conserve energy where possible.
  • create as little pollution as possible, including that caused by light and noise.
  • avoid being wasteful with our resources.
  • ensure the long term durability of our work.

We will always work as a team to improve the way do things to protect the environment to the best of our ability.

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