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Values and culture

It is vital to us that, in an ever evolving environment, our wide range of skills and knowledge within the Construction Industry is maintained at the high levels we set for ourselves. This covers not just our technical knowledge but our entire Culture, therefore we have created three Core Values on which all our policies, standards, processes and procedures are built.


First and foremost, we ensure that Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We are responsible not just for our staff but for anyone who comes in contact with our work, as a result we take our duty of care very seriously. This plays a part in every decision we make and we will not allow this resolve to weaken. To do this we ensure we have an expert understanding of our industry, the potential hazards involved and the regulations that govern it.

We will always take our responsibilities towards our clients, very seriously but we know they extend further as they include the end users of the Project as well as the residents surrounding the construction sites and the environment in general.

For us to continue to successfully develop as a company we understand the importance of living up to this standard.


It is vital to our Company, and the individual members of our team, that we are reliable and trustworthy as a business and to each other. We aim to consistently provide quality work to the highest standards, fitting the requirements and expectations of our clients and delivering the project within the agreed time frame. To achieve this we have made sure that not only are we highly qualified, but that we continue to keep up to date with changes in practice due to regulation or technology.

We continue to ensure our expert knowledge is not just theory, but that we have the insight to find the right solution to each situation we encounter. We thoroughly monitor our work to ensure our Values are more than just words, but that they are the instinctive practice of our team members so that integrity is clearly evident in both the work we do and the culture of our Company.


Not just because regulation requires it, but because we place a strong importance on sustainability within our business practice, Vallum Projects will always seek to find solutions that are of a high standard but also consider the environment in which we work.

From purchasing materials and products to the conservation of resources and minimising of waste, we seek to implement this Core Value in everything we do.

It is not just important to complete the Project, but we strive to do so in a way that combines quality with durability, whilst minimising any negative impact on the environment. We continue to train and learn so that we don’t just have the knowledge to construct but the understanding to do so in the most effective way.

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